Selling spray tans is easy with … Feel. Felt. Found.

Dennis, the salon owner, surprised people when he said, “Selling spray tans is really easy.

Just remember three things: Feel. Felt. Found.

I said, “Pardon?’

He said, ” Feel. Felt. Found. That’s all you need to know”

I said, “How does it work?”

He said, “Well. let’s say you’re selling a spray tan to someone who has never tried it and is a bit intimidated.

You tell the prospect that the tan will look natural and it will seem like they just lost 5-10 pounds.

The prospect gets a skeptical look and frowns.

You say, “Look I know how you FEEL. That’s a big promise.

I FELT the same way when I was trying spray for the first time.

But what I FOUND is that the tan looks great and my friends always asks me if I lost weight.

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Run Faster, Jump Higher

Salon owners who are growing spray tan sessions are getting more creative and more persuasive in their spray tan marketing.

One of the most creative and bold examples is Fabutan with their ‘Spot the Spray Tan’ street interviews.

It’s a super cool idea and demonstrates the natural beauty of a spray tan, in an uber-believable way.

Click here for Spot the Spray Tan video 

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Single Session Spray Tan – Let’s play ‘The Price is Right’

The game starts by deciding what your goal is for spray, over time.

Growth engine?

Cash cow?

Growth: Will your salon create immediate and sustained growth if it dramatically expands the number of people who spray tan every now and then, in order to convert some of them to an EFT spray memberships, over time?

Cow: Will your salon grow sales and profit both now and long term by maximizing the sales and profit on each sale? Based on experience, when you maximize sales and profit per each single session, do most tanners come back – soon? frequently? 3-4 times per year?

Growth or Cash Cow is a critical decision because few lines of businesses can be both.

So, decide, as it will help you determine the everyday price of a single spray session.


Should the price be the same as a EFT spray membership $49?

Seems to make for an easy sales pitch … Tan 1x for $49 or unlimited tanning for $49?

The value is obvious but most people do beauty treatments (hair cut, hair color, nails, brows, massage) every now and then, not weekly.

Should the price be linked to your actual ASP
(click: how to calculate average selling price of spray tan session)?

If the salon has an ASP of $14, then maybe the every day price for a single session should be priced 50% above that, or $21. Tip: Lots of salons have a spray ASP in $9-$18 range.

$21 may seem low, especially if the salon advertises a price of $49 (or whatever).

But, $21 is 50% more than you are making now.

If EFT member is paying $49 now for unlimited tanning, would they cancel membership because they can tan anytime for $21?

If you think so, then maybe the every day price is $25.


How would you feel if your spray sessions increased 20% or more and you raised your ASP by 50%? Over 1,000 salons – like yours – grew spray sessions by 28% or more over the last 12 months.

Of course, getting the price right is no game — not to you, and certainly not to your current or future customers.

If you’d like help to properly calculate ASP in order to set an every day price for single sessions that will drive a sales and profit increase – connect with your Mystic Tan  representative at 888-974-9977.