Avoid the Fail
Sunless made simple … Finally!

Tan without the smell

Mystic Tan has taken the ‘odor’ out of tanning. How? Mystic Tan is formulated with breakthrough odor control technology, D-Odor200™, designed to virtually eliminate the odor commonly caused by self-tanning products. Not all skin chemistry is the same, but 89% of panelist surveyed said, ‘little to no odor’.

Defeat the dreaded ‘orange’ – yes, it can be done

Mystic Tan products are designed to counter the unwanted orange undertone with an anti-orange complex that uniquely blends the perfect dose of professional-grade ingredients that play nicely with your skin. 
One watch-out: Don’t over-apply tanning products, or tan too frequently.
Everyone’s skin tans differently so as with everything the best practice is testing and moderation to learn how to tan your skin to deliver the perfect glow.
It never hurts to exfoliate before applying a fresh layer of tanning lotion or spray. 


How to have a streak-free and even tan

  • If you’re going to shave, do so at least 12 hours before you tan.
  • If you wax, do so before you tan, otherwise the wax could remove the layers of skin that are tan.
  • Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells for an even tan.
  • Avoid lotion right before you tan, since lotions can act as a barrier on the skin and cause an uneven result. Tip: Instead of using a lotion or moisturizer the day of tanning, try Mystic Tan Booster, which will moisturize and balance your skin’s pH for a deeper, even tan that will deliver quicker results.
  • For self-tanners, apply with the Mystic Tan applicator mitt for an easy, streak-free application
  • Don’t forget behind the thighs!
  • When tanning in a professional salon using an automated spray tan system, add the Accelerator Myxer to balance your skin’s pH for a deeper, even tan that will develop faster.
  • Don’t forget, after the tanning application, avoid getting wet, like working out or showering for about 4-6 hours to allow the tan time to develop.

Can’t reach your back – there’s hope

There’s good news and bad news. When it comes to self-tanning and reaching your back, grab a buddy to help you get the hard-to-reach spots. If you’re solo, it would be best if you’re a contortionist, but if you’re not, there’s a method that can work. Use the applicator mitt. Put the mitt on, apply product to the top of your hand and reach around to your back to apply in full, smooth, even strokes.