Selling spray tans is easy with … Feel. Felt. Found.

Dennis, the salon owner, surprised people when he said, “Selling spray tans is really easy.

Just remember three things: Feel. Felt. Found.

I said, “Pardon?’

He said, ” Feel. Felt. Found. That’s all you need to know”

I said, “How does it work?”

He said, “Well. let’s say you’re selling a spray tan to someone who has never tried it and is a bit intimidated.

You tell the prospect that the tan will look natural and it will seem like they just lost 5-10 pounds.

The prospect gets a skeptical look and frowns.

You say, “Look I know how you FEEL. That’s a big promise.

I FELT the same way when I was trying spray for the first time.

But what I FOUND is that the tan looks great and my friends always asks me if I lost weight.

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