Bronze this Way


Instantly Amp Your Tan with Your Choice of Bronzers

Is your skin tone the same as your best friend? Bet it’s different. There are many skin tones and that’s why foundations offer so many different tones. So why do sunless tanners only offer one bronzer shade – brown, brown or brown?

Mystic Tan is the first self-tanning line that offers multiple bronzers, each with a different undertone, to create a custom natural glow for each individual skin tone, for every style, season or event.

Mocha-Kyssed: warm brown undertones for a classic, bronze tan

Island-Kyssed:  cool brown with violet undertones for a deep exotic tan

Sun-Kyssed: warm brown with subtle red undertones for a ‘day in the sun’ tan

Honey-Kyssed: warm brown with golden undertones for a glowing tan

Choose the bronzer that best fits you