It sounds like the coordinates on a map, leading to a treasure.

And, well, it kinda is.

Salon Owners want to know:
  • When do people actually spray tan?
  • How seasonal is that business?
  • How much opportunity is there throughout the year?

Answers: All the time, Not much, Lots. 

So, when do people actually spray tan? 

January thru March: 20% of spray tan sessions are performed

April thru June: 34%

 July thru September: 24%

October thru December: 20%

Spray tanning is YEAR ROUND business opportunity, because …
– events are year-round,
– looking good is a year-round thing,
– feeling better about yourself is year-round thing

So, turn up the dial on your marketing efforts March thru June, but Never turn that dial off.

For more ideas to improve the marketing of spray tanning in your salon, click here for FREE best practices guide, chapter named “Improve Spray Tan Marketing”.  If you’d like to discuss marketing ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – connect with your Mystic Tan  representative at 888-974-9977.