Used or New Spray Equipment … decisions, decisions

Should I buy new or used auto spray tan equipment?

Like most decision involving your business, you should begin by thinking about your customers and what they expect.

If the area in which you do business is surrounded by other salons (hair, spa, nail, etc.) and businesses that present a high end image, then you may have no choice. If the customers in your market are upper-income, then again, you may have no choice. If you want your salon to stand apart from other tan salons, well …

But, what if you have a choice, or you’re not sure if you have the budget for new?

Here’s a few things to evaluate when considering Used:

  1. Who owned it
  2. What is the salon like … neat as pin? well trained staff? conscientious owner?
  3. How hard was the equipment used and how cared for – any visible signs of troublesome or unsightly wear and tear
  4. Does equipment have all the latest and expected upgrades – heat, auto wash-down, voice? Even if it were feasible, it could cost thousands to have those upgrades added
  5. Who will pack the equipment for the move to your salon – can’t risk damage. It can cost $1,000 to $2,000 to have it properly disassembled and re-assembled
  6. Who will install and calibrate equipment – that cost can run $1,500

While there are more than few import watch-outs, you can find good buys on used equipment, if you are diligent about the details. Also, used may be the way to go if your salon is new to auto spray tanning.

Buying New has benefits as well.

  1. Latest, greatest features
  2. Easier for staffers to run and maintain, and easier for the tanner
  3. Neat as a pin (the shopper guru Paco Underhill says that ‘above all else, women want clean’)
  4. Warranty
  5. Direct support from Sunless, Inc. to get the booth shipped, installed, calibrated, serviced and get staff trained 
  6. 100% payback in less than 1 year

Like many things, you need to consider not only the purchase price, but also the total cost of ownership, over time.

Your final criteria should start at the beginning – what will your customer expect, and what will drive the most sales and profits, both now and the years ahead?

If you’d like help to evaluate this decisions – connect with your a Sunless, Inc. representative at 888-974-9977.

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