Southwest Tanning

Southwest Airlines has never lost money in 45-year history, yet every other major airline has either lost money, declared bankruptcy or had major layoffs – multiple times. 

All airlines have same cost of gas, same weather, same airports, same routes, same passengers and same airplanes.

What sets Southwest apart? Why do they keep winning and growing – profitably?

In short, Southwest looked at all the things that people hate about airlines and either removed them, or did the opposite of other airlines. In turn,customers put Southwest first when they chose an airline.

  1. Super easy booking and check-in process
  2. No cost to change flights
  3. Bags fly free
  4. No blackout dates for free flights from reward program
  5. Staff is super friendly, helpful and polite
  6. Reasonable prices
  7. Transferency – no hoops, fine print or strings
  8. Priority access is easy & cheap

If Southwest ran your salon, what policies and practices would they likely change?

One tan salon owner recently said that the smartest thing he had done in years was to allow easy cancel of EFT online. He feared it would kill his EFT revenue stream. Instead, sign ups soared because customers felt respected and listened to. He took away a big obstacle to EFT sign up – customer want to know they can cancel easily – guilt-free, no complexity or uncomfortable exchange with salon staffer.

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