Salon Staff: Must-Have vs. Nice-to-Have

Knowing that you can seldom land the ideal candidate, Put M next to Must-Have, N next to Nice-to-Have

Reliable – fulfills all responsibilities, without excuses
Hard worker (no let up)
Follows procedure/training
Can sell/persuade
Money motivated (commission)
Youthful – in age
Youthful – in spirit
Team players – tries to make co-workers better
Loves to tan
Add your faves

Many retailers and salon owners find it hard to source and retain good talent. Many lament the work habits of millennials and youth.

Is it time to go ‘older’?

Would someone who worked 20-30 years, in a quality organization, with high quality performance fit the bill – provided they nailed all your ‘must-haves’?

Which type of staffer is more valuable to your operation – someone who looks the part of a youthful tanner, or someone that is young in spirit who performs in the manner that you prefer?

Horace Greeley uttered the famous phrase: “Go West, young man” – maybe the new slogan is … “Go older”