“Everybody Needs Money, That’s Why It’s Called Money”


So, how do you … get the money?

More spray tanners, More spray tans.

How do you get More & More?

Need to get lots newbies to try spray tanning?

How to get the newbies?

Take a look at your marketing.

-Price charged for single sessions tans – Is it reasonable? Is it affordable for all income levels? 
Most newbies are not ready to make the EFT commitment, but if you make the single session price reasonable, maybe they will spray 2 more times in next few months, and then who knows what might happen.

-Do most new customers come back?
If not, have you contacted them to ask, why?
Maybe the tan was not as great as they would have expected.
Maybe the price was too high.  
May the experience inside the salon was not ideal.
Maybe they forgot about it and just need a reminder.

-How do you advertise – What’s the message? How often do you advertise?
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