Doing fewer spray sessions than your competition? Find out

You can find out how many spray tan sessions your salon performs vs. other salons in your State and USA.

The chart below depicts actual data from the latest 12 months, which show that Salon ‘A’ performs 4.9 tan sessions per day on average, versus all other salons in South Carolina which perform 6.1, and all salons nationally at 5.8. So, Salon ‘A’ performs 24% LESS session on an average day than nearest competitors.  Yikes!

A Sunless, Inc. representative can do the same calculation for your salon, and more importantly discuss ideas to build a bigger and more profitable spray tan business – call 888-974-9977.

FYI: Regarding data about a specific competitor – Your rep will not disclose specific data for another salon – only generalized data for the local market, state and nationally.

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