Brady Bunch & Cocktail Tanning

It’s a worthwhile challenge to persuade UV Tanners to try/use spray tanning.

Some UV-ers don’t think a spray tan looks natural-enough.

But, experience shows that most UV-ers have not tried spray, and many that have tried spray think it gives better color than expected.

What’s that have to do with the Brady Bunch?

The Brady’s popularized the idea of having two doors for one bathroom.


The logistics of cocktail tanning impedes trial – big hassle to get undressed to UV tan, then get dressed, walk down the hall to the spray room and then get undressed again to spray tan.

Possible solution: Put a door along the wall that separates UV room and spray room. If someone wants to Cocktail, they can pass from one room to the next and only un-dress/dress 1x. 

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