Aim small, Miss small

It’s August, and you want to take advantage of schools being back in session, and you want to promote your new program … simplified and reasonable pricing designed to steal business from  competitors like nail, wax, and eyebrow.

Start small if needed, accumulate a few wins and build from there – for instance:

Identify the high schools and colleges in your area.

Google to learn the enrollment of female students.

For example, 500

Decide to get 10% to visit your salon, or 50

Consider how much those ladies can afford to pay for a spray tan (vs. nails, wax, brows).

Start marketing to those groups with simple, reasonable and transparent prices.

$15 for any tan level and $4 for any additive.   

50 customers
x 2 spray sessions next school year
x $21 per session
= $2,100 in new business
Margin 80+%
just from 10% of those ladies

See how it goes. If it misses the mark, you won’t kill your business and you can try a different price plan.

If it works, start marketing more frequently to the same schools to get an even more ladies to visit the salon.

Aim Small, Miss small, but, most of all, pick a target and aim. 

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