3 x $25 … worth a lot more than … 1 x $45

The NFL (National Football League) is a huge business.

Ever go to an NFL game at a big stadium? Practically have to mortgage the house to pay for the outing.

What does that have to do with your salon?

In 2017, the Atlanta Falcons did what no other NFL team could – they increased DOLLAR sales dramatically … food/beverage +16%,  Jerseys/Hats/Gear +88%.  


The Falcons did the unthinkable, making a move every other NFL team thought was foolish.

They reduced prices to a more reasonable level. The new price wasn’t exactly ‘low’, but lower and ‘reasonable’ for the average customer. Lower/reasonable prices actually grew dollar sales – whodah thunk it? 


One of the top reasons spray tanners don’t tan more often is price … they feel $40+ for spray tan is just too much and EFT is not for them. They pay less for a manicure which lasts much longer.

If a ‘walk-in’ single session price is $15-$25, they’d be much more likely to tan more often. 

3 x $25 —— or ——- 1 x $45?

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