One Number, That’s All I Want

Nationally, the average spray tan booth performs 7.0 spray tan sessions per day.

However, if a salon owner seeks to average 7.0 for the entire year, how many does each booth need to average in the core season: April thru June?

Well, referring to the national data listed below, 34% of spray tan sessions are performed April thru June.

This means that the number of spray sessions per day must jump to 9.5 for that 90-day period.  

As a salon owner sets goals for staffers, it’s always best to keep things simple and easy to remember.

Therefore, it might be best to set the goal at the amount need during core season (9.5) rather than the full year goal (7.0).

The great news is that spray tanning has substantial volume throughout the year, offering a constant opportunity to build the business every month of the year.

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