“Everybody Needs Money, That’s Why It’s Called Money”


So, how do you … get the money?

More spray tanners, More spray tans.

How do you get More & More?

Need to get lots newbies to try spray tanning?

How to get the newbies?

Take a look at your marketing.

-Price charged for single sessions tans – Is it reasonable? Is it affordable for all income levels? 
Most newbies are not ready to make the EFT commitment, but if you make the single session price reasonable, maybe they will spray 2 more times in next few months, and then who knows what might happen.

-Do most new customers come back?
If not, have you contacted them to ask, why?
Maybe the tan was not as great as they would have expected.
Maybe the price was too high.  
May the experience inside the salon was not ideal.
Maybe they forgot about it and just need a reminder.

-How do you advertise – What’s the message? How often do you advertise?
Mystic Tan has a whole chapter of winning marketing ideas in the newly published ‘Lessons from High Growth Salons’, see pages 13-25 Grow Spray Tanning, How-To Guide – click for FREE Copy

Your representative will be happy to provide you a copy and discuss the ideas that will drive your spray business.

Salons Growing 28% Share their Secrets

Spray tanning is growing. In fact, in 2017, over 1,000 salons grew their spray tan sessions by 28% or higher.

Sunless, Inc. conducted research over the last 2 years to understand the common practices driving that growth and summarized those actions into a ‘How-To’ guide. It is chock-full of specific strategies and tactics used by salons that are breaking from the norm and having success.

The Guide covers lots of ground and some of the concepts may spark a reaction. We don’t expect every idea will be right for every business, yet we think there are a more than a few nuggets that every salon can either test or adopt to change the fortunes of your business. Your representative will be happy to provide you a copy and discuss the ideas that will drive your spray business. Grow Spray Tanning, How-To Guide – click for FREE Copy

Winning salons have grown by taking 5 Critical Steps:

Win with Data:

Track & drive spray sessions per day


Price for single session: Reasonable and transparent to draw in customers who resist a monthly commitment

Menu/service options: Remove the complexity

Target two high potential customer groups
You can’t grow by getting more from current EFT tanners, but having those who came in every six months, now come in every 3 months, doubles your spray business

First high potential audience:
Lapsed/Infrequent tanners (tanned 1-3x over last 3 years)

Second high potential audience:
People with less disposable income: Millennials, College, High School, Middle-to-Low income women age 35+  

Staff Ambassadors

Create enthusiastic & persuasive advocates will make spray tanning cool & desirable 


Commit to Marketing:

Right customers

Right message & offer – EVERY DAY

Right frequency

The great news is that your Mystic Tan representative can help you analyze your POS/data. With the right insights, you can evaluate your business and options for future growth with all the needed facts, lessening any risk and increasing the likelihood of success.

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