Laugh & Learn

Lots of people like to laugh at Walmart – ‘The People of Walmart’ is a never ending and much viewed video and meme.

That aside, is there a couple huge ideas a salon can learn from Walmart – the biggest retailer in the world, the chain that gets 150 Million shopping trips, every WEEK?

  1. Which customers to target:
    1. Founder Sam Walton said he catered to middle and lower income people because “God seemed to make a lot more poor people than rich people.”
    2. Young people (college, high school, millennials) and women 35+ from with middle-lower income don’t have much money, and cannot afford to pay $30+ for a spray tan,  nor join EFT.
  2. EDP (Every Day Price):
    1. Walmart uses a ‘same price every day’ strategy – they proved that people shop more often when they know their fave products have a reasonable and affordable price, EVERY DAY.
    2. EDP makes it easier for shoppers to budget and makes them more likely to make impulse visits to the store/salon.
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